Dear Valued Clients,
After 25 Years of Service, Don’s Flyers was purchased in 2022 by Claruso Communications. Don retired to pursue his longtime purpose of writing after he carefully apprecentised the new management. We are thrilled to be continuing Don’s Flyer Services and are able to provide additional services to help your business expand and keep communicating to your clients, customers and community. This transition has been remarkably successful and we are very grateful for your continued support over the last 2 years under our new ownership and the last 25 years under Don’s. We look forward to being able to support you for years to come. Please contact Claruso Communications at or 236-558-6267 to book your Flyer Delivery and Courier Jobs today. We look forward to being able to serve you.

If you’d like to know more about Don’s writing and work, you can purchase his book at the following locations. Please reach out to support him in all that he is creating!
Chapters / Indigo:
Online on Amazon:
Or contact him directly at Don Smith 778-772-0337