Minimum 3 hour deposit at $75/hour. (Additional time must be purchased before further design work is done.)


5,000 minimum wholesale print volume for basic size 5.5″ x 8.5″, 2 sided, full colour printed on glossy paper. (estimates required)

Small printing projects for standard letter size and full scale blue prints full colour, up to 24″ x 36″. (minimum fee applies)

DELIVERY (RESIDENTIAL) – To anywhere in Canada.

Lower Mainland; go to DELIVERY AREA  page. 

Standard basic rate 16¢/piece

Transportation fee includes pickup 2¢/piece

Canada Post preparation fee $25/1000

 (minimum  delivery volume 5000)

FLYERS, menus, booklets, magazines … etc., are delivered by CANADA POST.

(any delivery item over 30 grams and over 6″ x 12″ requires an estimate.)

DOOR HANGER delivery is limited by carrier availability at this time.

Cost per hanger starts at 25 ¢/.

(Canada Post will deliver door hangers but will not hang them.)


(500 kilo limit requires estimate out of Lower Mainland)

Construction notices and legal documents for specific legal requirements. We provide this service for Metro Vancouver (GVRD), BC Hydro and contractors that have time constraints to give notice to the  surrounding  area of a site.

Contact Dons Flyers for the RATE SHEET.

(We reserve the right to refuse service. If any payments have been made, that exact amount will be refunded.)